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Why hire a wedding planner ?

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

When I meet couples who are looking to get married I always ask them if they have hired or plan to hire an event coordinator or wedding planner. I often get a response that oh no they are way too expensive with her going to blow our budget.

I always explain to them that there’s definitely different packages offered by wedding planners: one hour consulting fee, in one month leading up to the event package, a day of package or the deluxe all inclusive help you plan everything package. But basically there are lots of options and varying prices.

Wedding planners can help a couple save money because they know about a lot of the hidden costs that you can anticipate but don’t know about. They can also go shoot rates with all the trades including the caterer, the band, photographer, videographer if that’s not something you’re comfortable doing. Another huge benefit of wedding planners is that they help ensure that you’re a big day runs on time and like a well oiled machine.

I can tell you one personal experience I had where a couple chairs do not have a wedding planner and try to do things themselves instead of starting the wedding at 5 PM , they start at the wedding an hour late at 6 PM. The result was the kitchen got completely messed up, food was served ice cold and the service was very scattered and disorganized which left a very bad experience for the guests and the hosts, the bridal room felt very embarrassed.

And think about this, when the bridal party is taking pictures, who is there to watch if the dining room is being set up incorrectly? If you have a Wedding planner, they can oversee the chair set up to make sure that your grandmother doesn’t get left out at the table where she is supposed to be seated!

Let’s be real. Sometimes the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom do not see Ida I on how the wedding should be run. For example, the groom side may want Eastern European style food with platters of food on the table. Family style grooms parents no more Canadian style with pleated meals that are smaller portions were very well decorated and pleated. He was in a private room and didn't wanna have to be the go-between between both sets of parents and have those feelings. I wouldn't be a planner. You can be a neutral party and navigate those waters with your parents so that all you have to do is excitedly count the days until your most fantastic day!

As a Cantor, who loves to officiate weddings for Jewish brides and grooms, I can tell you I absolutely love officiating a wedding where a couple has hired an event coordinator or Jewish wedding planner. I really do see the difference most notably in the stress level of the bride and groom and the efficiency of staying on schedule.

What do you think ? Would love to hear your opinion on the benefits / drawbacks of having a wedding planner. Any good stories to share like dinner being served two hours late with no planner?

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