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Embracing Fairness and Justice in Life and Love

Hello, I'm Cantor Ben, and today I'm excited to share insights on a topic close to my heart—fairness and justice, not just in sports but in all aspects of life, including the sacred union of marriage.

Fairness on the Field: A Lesson from Youth

My journey with understanding the impact of fairness began in grade 6 during a house league baseball season. We had a teammate, James, an incredible athlete, who was often sidelined due to the coach's prejudices. This unfair treatment not only affected James but also dampened our team's morale. Recognizing this injustice, I advocated for James, ensuring he received the playtime his talents warranted. This action didn't just boost James's spirits—it transformed our team dynamics and led us to a more successful season, teaching us the invaluable lesson that fairness elevates everyone.

Advocating for Equity: A Workplace Story

At 16, while working at a local store, I noticed a discrepancy in how my friend and I were compensated, despite performing the same roles. Armed with the principles of justice, I approached our manager to address this inequity. The resolution brought about not only fair wages but also enhanced our workplace's morale and sense of fairness. These experiences have ingrained in me the importance of standing up for fairness, a principle I carry into every aspect of my life and work.

Clear Communication: Key to Fair Relationships

As a Jewish Wedding Officiant in Toronto, I've had the honor of guiding many couples like Rina and Mark through their journey to the altar. During our consultations, I emphasize the importance of fair and open communication—something that’s crucial both in planning a wedding and in nurturing a healthy, long-lasting marriage.

For Rina and Mark, ensuring a balanced conversation where both partners feel heard was vital. I helped them implement strategies such as using 'I' statements for expressing feelings without blame and actively listening to each other's needs and concerns. These communication techniques not only prepared them for their wedding day but also laid a foundation for their future together.

The Wedding Day: A Celebration of Love and Equity

Their wedding, held at a beautiful venue in Toronto, was a testament to the power of love and mutual respect. I personalized their ceremony, integrating their unique love story with traditional and modern elements, including some of their favorite Broadway tunes. This personal touch ensured that the ceremony was not just a formality but a meaningful celebration of their journey and the values they cherish.

Continuity of Fairness: The Baby Naming Ceremony

A few years later, Rina and Mark reached out to me to officiate the Baby Naming ceremony for their daughter. It was a joyful reunion, and once again, I tailored the ceremony to reflect their family's values and the joyous occasion, reinforcing the ongoing narrative of their lives built on the principles of fairness and love.

Your Role in Promoting Fairness

Now, I turn to you, my readers. Reflect on how you can incorporate fairness into your life. Whether it's standing up against small everyday injustices or making significant changes in your community or relationships, remember that your actions can foster justice and improve not just your life but also those around you.

Let's Make a Difference

At, we are committed to more than just planning your wedding ceremony; we are here to imbue your significant life moments with deep values and meaningful experiences. Whether you are looking for a Jewish Wedding Officiant in Toronto, planning a baby naming ceremony, or seeking guidance on Jewish wedding customs, remember that fairness, justice, and clear communication are your allies in creating memorable and harmonious occasions. I was fortunate enough to be mentored by a fantastic Jewish wedding Rabbi.

By embracing these principles, you can ensure that your wedding, and every day thereafter, is not only a celebration of love but also a testament to living with integrity and fairness. Let's cherish and uphold these values together, making every moment count.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the lens of fairness and justice. Like, share, and comment below your experiences with fairness in your life or any insights you might have about incorporating these values into your daily interactions and celebrations.

Speak soon,

Cantor Ben

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