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Creating Lasting Memories: A Jewish Wedding with a Charitable Twist

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

At, we believe that every wedding ceremony should reflect the couple's unique love story and values. Recently, I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful wedding couple who approached me, Cantor Ben, to officiate their Jewish wedding ceremony in Toronto. What made this couple's request particularly special was the bride's heartfelt desire to make a difference in the lives of others through a meaningful partnership with a charity. Join me as I share their inspiring journey.

A Unique Connection:

As a Jewish wedding officiant, I've had the honor of working with couples from diverse backgrounds, creating ceremonies that honor their heritage and personal beliefs. When this couple approached me, it was clear that their desire for a meaningful wedding ceremony aligned perfectly with my approach as a Jewish wedding cantor. Though not a rabbi, I have been mentored by a Jewish wedding Rabbi, allowing me to bring a deep understanding of Jewish traditions to every ceremony.

A Vision of Giving Back

During our initial meeting, the bride expressed her desire to incorporate an act of kindness into their wedding celebration. She shared her dream of partnering with a charity that provides wedding dresses to brides who cannot afford their own. This thoughtful gesture would not only create lasting memories for the couple but also bring joy to other brides in need.

Aligning Values: Jewish Traditions and Acts of Charity

The couple's vision resonated with the values inherent in Jewish traditions. Acts of charity, or "tzedakah," hold great significance in the Jewish faith, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community. By partnering with a charity that provides wedding dresses, the couple aimed to bring the spirit of "tzedakah" into their wedding ceremony and extend the joy of their special day to those in need.

Collaboration and Compassion

With a shared commitment to making a difference, we began exploring various charitable organizations that specialize in providing wedding dresses to brides who may otherwise be unable to afford one. We discovered a wonderful charity that aligned perfectly with the couple's vision and values. By collaborating with this organization, they would not only contribute financially but also raise awareness about the importance of supporting brides in need.

Creating Lasting Memories

As we crafted their Jewish wedding ceremony, we ensured that the couple's desire to give back was thoughtfully integrated. Through personalized rituals and blessings, we emphasized the significance of love, compassion, and unity within the context of their marriage. The ceremony became a beautiful blend of tradition, spirituality, and philanthropy, creating an experience that touched the hearts of everyone present.

Beyond the Wedding: Baby Naming Ceremonies and Jewish Newborn Ceremonies

This couple's commitment to acts of kindness extended beyond their wedding day. They also expressed their intention to continue their charitable endeavors by incorporating meaningful rituals into future family milestones. We discussed the possibility of a baby naming ceremony, rooted in Jewish tradition, as a way to welcome their future child into the world and reinforce their dedication to acts of charity.


The journey of this wedding couple exemplifies the beauty of incorporating values of compassion and giving back into the fabric of one's wedding ceremony. As a Jewish wedding cantor, I am humbled to have the opportunity to help couples create meaningful experiences that reflect their unique love stories and personal beliefs. This couple's partnership with a charity, extending the joy of their wedding day to those in need, serves as a shining example of the profound impact we can make when we infuse acts of kindness into life's significant moments.

If you are planning a Jewish wedding in Toronto or seeking a Jewish wedding officiant who understands the importance of personalized ceremonies and giving back to the community, please visit to learn more. Together, let's create unforgettable memories and make a positive impact in the world around us

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